Our Corporate & Commercial practice is one of the most established and well-known practices in the country. Our team have a broad depth of knowledge, expertise and experience, and regularly handle a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial matters across a wide spectrum of domestic and cross-border transactions.

Our practice encompasses on all types of company or legal entity formation, corporate compliance, merger and acquisition, company restructuring, liquidation, joint venture, joint operation, shareholders agreement, energy and renewable energy, industrial relations, safety, health and the environment, shipping, aviation issue and other areas related to the setting up and maintaining a business presence in Indonesia. Our team also assists executives in the legal implications of day-to-day operational issues.

Our team is skilled in drafting agreements that contain alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provisions (boiler-plate clauses) developed through utilisation of the experience the firm’s lawyers at the Dispute Resolution Practice Group get when they deal with ADR provisions in their implementation in real litigation cases. The utilisation of this collective experience has led to the development of ADR provisions that help avoid major litigation and help reduce the cost of ADR proceedings for the benefit of Sutedja & Associates’ clients.