Why Sutedja & Associates

At Sutedja & Associates, our lawyers understand that theoretical of legal issues are not sufficient. Hence, it has been a Sutedja & Associates’s custom to develop and maintain cordial professional working relationship with various government entities at different level to provide its client with comprehensive, detailed, and relevant legal advice appropriately from the relevant authorities.

Sutedja & Associates is a law firm whose personnel have cut their teeth at and practised with first-tier Jakarta and Singapore law firms, serving a body of clients ranging from major multinational and national companies to governmental institutions to business associates with leading individuals, working on intellectual property protection, high profile litigation, and complex corporate legal work.

Our strength also draws on its personnel’s wealth experience in rallying public advocacy, pressure group and mass media to client’s cause. This is all due to the breadth of its personnel’s contacts, network and association within Indonesian civil society(non-governmental organizations) and mass media. We also have published works on law.